Friday, 16 January 2009

Rosemary's Baby (1968) Roman Polanski


  1. I'm still not quite over how frightening this film was. I felt the "dream" sequences were particularly creepy and, thinking about it now, it was amazing how all the images fitted together so seamlessly. Also amused by the irony of the biblical parallel in the colour of Rosemary's dress in the last scene. Talk about a haunting finale...

  2. I really enjoyed Rosemary's character development in the film from a happy/pure young woman to pretty much becoming a witch, whether out of desperation or choice. I also liked how the film took a story line that could have been on the silly side of scary and made it really psychologically scary, mainly through great acting and the audience never really seeing anything scary - it is all implied or heard.

  3. truly a frightening film, i must admit i dont do well with horror movies but this one was not only an exciting watch full of drama but unexpected biblical tones.

    honestly, this film scared the hell outta me with its witch craft and the thought of satan pregnating a human and the cliff hanger at the end.
    whether her facial expresion was showing exeptance of being satans wife, or just in mental shock with the eerie music in the background just haunted me deeply while i was in that seat.

    i can definetly say i wont be watching any kinds of movies like those any more lol i just cant handle how horrifying yet believable it was, like, those kind of things really happen in our world today.