Thursday, 22 January 2009

Rashomon (1950) Kurosawa


  1. Are there going to be subtitles?? Or a narrative over it? Or dubbed??

    I don't understand how we're gonna understand it!! Not even with all the research in the world!! Four stories...


    Lauren Saunders
    Design Craft.

  2. Yes there will be subtitles.

    Kurosawa's 'Kakushi Toride no San-Akunin (The Hidden Fortress)' supplied the basic plot for Star Wars.

    Kurosawa's 'Shichinin no Samaurai (Seven Samuri)' was remaid in the west as Magnificent Seven.

    Kurosawa's use of close up (and long) face shots, seen best in Rashomon were a massive influence on Serge Leone's films.

    Kurosawa was very influenced by Western cinema such as John Ford's 'Bandwagon'. However, to see a more classical form of Japanese cinema check out Yasujiro Ozu's films. His most famous film is 'Tokyo Story' but I prefered 'Late Spring'. For anyone who has not sen his films, what will surprise you is the way in which he uses space and composition.

    Also, if you are interested in Japanese 'art' cinema I would strongly recommend Kenji Mizoguchi's 'Ugetsu Monogatari', paritcularly for what are know as 'long shots'. His films are deeply thoughtful and just damn beautiful.