Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dogville - Lars Von Trier


  1. I found Dogville so painfully miserable and emotionally exhausting that all artistic merit was over-shadowed. Its a shame because I had not heard of the Dogne Movement before Friday.

    I dont know if I was the only one but I definitely saw many parallels between Dogville and the trials and suffering described in Christ's Passion. Despite saving the town Grace is punished by the people of Dogville, forced to carry a weighted object, abandoned and betrayed by those closest to her and even asks her father to forgive these people for their "sins". It did come as a surprise when she changes her mind and destroys the whole town.

    I felt quite cheated during Grace's escape as CGI was used to make the cover invisible. I dont know whether CGI is banned in rules of Dogne but I felt it broke away from the ideas behind the style.

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