Thursday, 22 January 2009

Holy Mountain (1973 ) Alejandro Jodorowsky


  1. This looks insane. Jodorowsky looks insane too.

    I can't wait to see it!!
    It's what we're seeing tomorrow, right??

    Lauren Saunders
    Design Craft.

  2. Insane and Amazing!
    This film has changed my world, so colourful, so explicit, enlightened and so true, it has the best ending ever, 'Camera Zoom out'!

  3. Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain certainly seems to take narrative [if we can call it that] to another level. Personally I had never experienced anything that was so visually/conceptually Baroque. It seems to be the extremity and intensity of the image making that pulls this film together well. I think that it is great fodder for Illustrators, particularly because of the will to force extravagant/unlikely/incompatible elements together, to montage frenetically sometimes with scant regard for the outcome. I also believe that in this age of hyper-real movie construction this film would not have been possible, technically perhaps but because of the nature of the visual language, the crudeness of the effects, we are given time to 'breathe' and fill in the gaps. So whatever you may think of the film, go in with an open mind, its a roller-coaster that you may never want to get off.