Sunday, 31 January 2010

Man with the Movie Camera (1929) Dziga Vertov

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  1. This is possibly the best film I have ever seen.

    I saw an excerpt about two years ago and I was impressed, but as we watched it on youtube, it said something about music being altered or cut or not the original and so I passed it off as someone re-making or altering the original.
    I felt pretty stupid when I realized that it was made in silent movie times, and that the clip I saw was the original.
    What a treat to see the whole film. My favourite out of all the films of the season (although, they were all good in my opinion). I just kept being blown away at how thought out and complex and 'deep' every 'scene' was. Bravo, Vertov!

    Every week, it's been great to see and learn about films I've never heard of (or to learn more about those I've seen).